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well now. [Apr. 4th, 2004|06:01 pm]
[music |danielson family - nice of me]

I haven't made a real update in a long time, so here it goes.

I now have a much better job that I love. It's so nice to be able to get up to go to the bathroom without having to report it to your manager. I can't believe I lasted in that sweat shop for as long as I did.

My main worries these days are apartment-al and car-like. I'm torn between a new volkswagen ($$$$$) and a used focus ($$). Either option ends up costing me money in the end, of course, but I'd like to have SOMETHING left after my paycheck...

Ugh. I'm so boring.

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yay. i is so smart. [Apr. 1st, 2004|09:29 pm]
[music |paul oakenfold - summersault]

You are a MASTER of the English language!

While your English is not exactly perfect,
you are still more grammatically correct than
just about every American. Still, there is
always room for improvement...

How grammatically sound are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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(no subject) [Feb. 14th, 2004|10:51 pm]
Hello everyone! This is Richard! I have stoled Greg's computer. Gwar-har-har. I can be reached at zebraic where you get all my thoughts and witty observations. Greg is the shiznit, but you folks knew this.

I'm normally not this lame.
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non sequitur [Jan. 20th, 2004|08:54 pm]
[music |clay - the way]

it's the kind of thing that haunts you.

not sitting on top of your head, or next to you, but lurking not far behind. it doesn't make itself known very often, but then again, it doesn't need to.

it's the way you were - the person you were - and the person they were, and the way that it was all wrong. you had it all wrong.

but it's not that, and it's not then, rather it's the things that were wrong then that are still with you, and probably with them.

but more importantly, it's over, and that's really all that matters. but i'm glad it's not totally gone, because if it were i'd be less of a person.

forgive this offense against sensibility. it's not for you, but for me.

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yah, shuuuure okaaaaaaaaaaay... [Jan. 12th, 2004|08:33 pm]
[music |smap - celery]

oh fun! i just LOVE work!

::sob sob - swig::

(that was for you sunday...)

i've recently gone apeshit with buying things. i really need to stop. i just don't have any ROOM IN MY FREAKING ROOM. it's CRAZY.

let's see... other random thoughts.

oh, i decided i hate work and i'm quitting and going to grad school, like, tomorrow. now i just have to GET IN.

and oh man, i can't wait til i get a freakin' apartment. i just can't wait...

that requires a raise, though. hopefully i'll be able to finagle (sp... oh the sp) one tomorrow when i talk to my insane, midgit boss.

i need to update my website, it needs to be cleaned, but i somehow forgot how to, so things are stuck online. i'm such a tart with html. it just doens't work.

in other news, i've gone through the whole entire day, getting up at 6.30, working for 8.5 hours and coming home and now it's almost 9 and my arm STILL smells like soap. GOD DAMN IT i love that.

i also had a weird dream last night. sunday and i were jogging to burger king, and she was dressed like the daughter from 'the family guy.' when we go to the intersection she said that we had to raise our arms, join them and splay our fingers out to 'cool-down.' i have NO FUCKING IDEA what that means...

i gave r sake for his birthday. i think it pleased him. now he is back at school and i'm back to being jealous that he gets to be an undergrad.

ick. ramble-ish post. is this a mirror of my fractured, tired mind? only the shadow knows...

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god damn it [Jan. 4th, 2004|04:56 pm]
[music |various songs by the cure]

so here we are, the sunday before i have to go back to work, and i am totally and completely sick. this is really starting to get on my nerves.

i realized something - when you are in the real world, the only time you really get off from work is around christmas and new years. this proved true this year, as i had this past thursday and friday off, as well as the thursday and friday of last week. that's it kids. we won't get time off for like maybe a whole year. and i know i don't have vacation yet. bastards.

so what did i do with my time off? i had a whole buncha fun, don't get me wrong, but over christmas break i was throat/sneeze/fever sick, and now i am stomach sick (and i will leave it at that). i have yet to throw up (because you are curious - you are...) but every time i turn around too fast i get very, very nauseated. so i don't think i'm going to work monday. i didn't go last monday either. this just blows. i mean, i'll have a day off, and a shipment of b&n.com stuff is coming (yay silmarillion!) so at least i'll have all day to veg and laze, but i need the money and i don't want my boss to think i'm a slacker.


today i:
-ate crackers
-watched the beginning of 'maximum overdrive' (must see the whole thing)
-experimented with the cure
-cleaned my room
-at chicken soup
-played videogames
-watched 'viva la bam' - good god i love bam margera....
-will take a significant hack into 'tolkien: author of the century'

pete is coming soon with sick provisions, including ginger ale. i wish i knew how to make ginger ale with real ginger. it seems like it would be more medicinal and what-not.

germs. the little bastards. i just hope i don't have bovine spongiform encephalitis. that would REALLY suck. although i don't think it presents as stomach ailment. it would be very tragic, though.

my mother is reading a book on martha and is her newest critic. i wish people would just get of martha's tail. she's a good thing.

eh. enough. leave me.

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regime change and kettle corn [Jan. 2nd, 2004|11:17 pm]
communists have the best damn parades ever. i mean, everybody is so into them, and there is so much coordinated flag waving. it's great.

kettle corn is even better than a communist parade. it's popcorn with sugar on it. well, some sort of sugar-like stuff.

so what would be BEST? ... yes, you guessed it, a good old communist parade with kettle corn.

yeah. that really IS all i have to say...
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zzz... [Dec. 19th, 2003|10:35 pm]
[music |the cure - just like heaven]

does anyone else realize that livejournal kinda feels like the voice-over at the end of 'my so-called life?'

and how great was that show? it's all about jared leto.

looking back at the past few months of my life i realize just how much change i've gone through. i'm not done yet, but i really can't wait for some normalcy.

or not.


now is sleep.

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upsey datsey [Dec. 13th, 2003|08:29 pm]
[music |all american rejects - your star]

maybe an update.


so what's with me these days.

i'm super duper lame, especially in these past few weeks seeing as how i can't stop WORKING. because of the holiday rush, overtime is practically mandatory.

these next two weeks, however, will be more hellish than i could have imagined.

the breakdown: my usual 40 hr/wk + we now get lunch paid for by the boss, but have to WORK THROUGH IT so an extra 2.5 hrs + 2 hrs. overtime 3x's a week + 8 hrs. saturdays + the half hour of lunch

= 56.5 hours a week.

the good news is that is 16.5 hours of overtime a week. that bad news is i will have even less of a life.

on a brighter work note, my boss mentioned again that he wants to promote me after the holiday rush, so i'm psyched. of course, i'll take whatever he gives me, but if it ain't really cooshy, i'm outta there.

otherwise, i'm wretchedly boring.

i've only shopped for 3 of the people i need to this year, and that is just crazy because i have like 743,947,383.7 people to shop for. i'm quite satisfied with the gifts i HAVE purchased, however.

every once and a while i get to break the monotony that is my life by seeing richard or bob. those are good times. highland park is just too far away for its own good. finally, this sunday, i have a day to myself and BOOM ... a blizzard is due. so >:OP
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yippie [Nov. 24th, 2003|09:19 pm]
[music |db - saints and sinners]

yay for posting.

i am inspired to post, though there is scant little to post about. weekend was fun. much playing with jasmine, chris, sunday, bob, karena, ursula, paul, karena and richard. a full weekend.

fun job anecdotes-

my manager told me today, as i pleaded a customer's case - and i fucking quote - 'greg, don't connect these people with faces. they're just money.' HA! what a funny funny guy! so funny! let's quit! :OD i'm thinking i have no future in retail. i can't be so calculating. i dunno. it's terrible, the way we treat people. can you really not make the big bucks while still caring? if so, i'll take poverty. ugh. bastards. ice cream bastards all.

in other news, they went around taking a poll of the people at work, seeing if they wanted 'turkey' or 'rice.' now, since it is retail and we have to work the friday after thanksgiving, i assumed that we would be given turkey or rice to eat as compensation. no no no. silly me. the thanksgiving day bonus? it's either a SIXTEEN POUND TURKEY OR A TEN POUND BAG OF FUCKING RICE. . .wtf?

i touched cats and didn't die! max is much more fluffier than he looks! he is the prettiest cat! marlowe is the sweetest! both tried to sleep on us! yay!

benedryl and booze = no good at all.

we went to the absolute best indian restaurant ever. yay.

hmmm... to job hunt or go back to school. the eternal question. i am so lazy and unmotivated that it's pretty much one or the other, so the choice is crucial. grad school kinda rules out apartmentage, mainly because of the $, but maybe not. i dunno. ugh. ugh ugh. blech. ehem.

jasmine and chris need a cat.

richard needs to be bitten so he can know what it feels like.

ursula needs a hug (don't know why).

jenny needs to be present more often.

bob needs a bib.

i need a drink.

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